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Ensure the highest quality dental services for you and your loved ones with our comprehensive care dental program.

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Our team of highly trained and experienced dentists are dedicated to providing personalized care for each of our patients.

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General Dental Service


Our general dental services cater to the oral health needs of patients of all ages,

cosmetic dental services

Cosmetic Dental Service


Enhance the appearance of your smile with our cosmetic dental services, including teeth whitening, veneers,


Braces Dental Service

Say goodbye to misaligned teeth with our orthodontic dental services, including traditional braces and clear aligners.

surgical dental service

Surgical Dental Service

Our surgical dental services include extractions, implant placement, and more to restore and maintain optimal

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Pedodontics Dental Service


Our pedodontics services cater specifically to the oral health needs of children, with a focus

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Welcome to Smile Line Dental Clinic, your trusted dentist offering a comprehensive range of top-notch dental services to enhance your smile and elevate your self-assurance. Say farewell to concealing your dental imperfections and welcome a radiant, vigorous, and self-assured version of yourself with our exceptional dental solutions at Smile Line Dental Clinic!

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Cosmetic Dental Service

Discover Smile Line Dental Clinic's cosmetic dental services that will transform your smile. From teeth whitening to veneers, we enhance your dental aesthetics with expertise and precision. Experience a radiant and confident smile at the best dental clinic in Islamabad.

Pediatric Dental Service

Specializing in pediatric dental care, we cater to children's unique needs and prioritize preventive measures to avoid future dental issues. Trust us to provide exceptional dental services that promote healthy smiles for your little ones.

Dental Implants Dental Service

Experience the transformative power of our state-of-the-art implant technology, designed to restore your smile's appearance with a natural-looking solution. Let us bring back your confidence with our advanced implant technology at Smile Line Dental Clinic.

Teeth Whitening Dental Service

Unlock a brighter and more radiant smile than ever before with our exceptional teeth whitening dental service. Experience the transformative power of our treatments and achieve the dazzling smile you've always desired at Smile Line Dental Clinic.

Smile Makeovers

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Ebrahim Riaz
Ebrahim Riaz
Both me and my uncle got our treatments done from Dr. Hafsah. My uncle got his denture made and it turned out to be very comfortable and fitted really well. Was easy to put on and take off and looked beautiful just like my natural gum color. And I got my scaling done from Dr. Hafsah and she did an amazing job. Both with me and my uncle she was very gentle and careful and explained everything in detail. She knows what she's doing. I always had dental anxiety but thankfully I'll be much more comfortable at a dentist's next time. My uncle was visiting from UK and returned very happy satisfied.
Rafia Qaswar
Rafia Qaswar
I had an excellent experience with Dr. Hafsa. Really loved how patiently she addressed my concerns and the detailed procedures that followed. I will recommend anyone looking for a professional solution to your scaling and cavities issue, visit smile line dental clinic!
mojo Xaf
mojo Xaf
I have had a very good experience at smile line dental clinic. Dr. Hafsah is a miracle worker. I went in for a root canal last year in 2021. My treatment was great. I felt no pain during or after the procedure. She pays close attention to the patient, how they are doing before treatment , during treatment and after the treatment. Also, her staff is very attentive, well organized, showed a great deal of kindness. I will definitely recommend Dr.Hafsah to my family and friends – Mohammed
Marvi Pirani
Marvi Pirani
Needed dental treatment and Dr Hafsah Saeed did an amazing job ! She is friendly, helpful and straightforward. I have been to other dentists that exaggerated what my needs were. So it was a relief to find a dentist with integrity. She is my only go to dentist now. Highly recommended. 👍
Madiha Shamsher
Madiha Shamsher
Dr. Imran is the best dentist in Islamabad. I visit him for all my dental needs. A thorough professional and very competent. The practice attends to all my needs. Prices are very affordable. Staff is helpful. The location is ideal, maintaining privacy. There is plenty of parking.
Hamza Mushtaque
Hamza Mushtaque
Over the past years, I had developed that strange paranoia about dentist that I never felt safe and relaxed while getting checked by dentist. I was always kind of on alert. Now, the best thing about Dr Aysha Khan is that instantly she made me feel safe and relaxed. Somehow, I was sure that I am in good care. Along with exceptional dentistry skills, she got really good communication skills. She is a perfect example of how the behavior of doctors should be! Highly Recommended!!!!
Kashif Khattak
Kashif Khattak
Smile Line Dental is a great place to go take care of your teeth. I have had a great experience with Dr. Imran Yousafzai, he was very professional in examining and providing solutions by priority. The overall experience was professional, courteous, and friendly. I would highly recommend it to everyone!
muhammad zeeshan
muhammad zeeshan
I have been a frequent visitor here along my wife and other family members. Dr Imran is absolutely professional and skilled. Painless procedures. Used high tech tools. And works very confidently. He is a thorough gentleman and totally reliable. He always does his job On Time and with due diligence. Wish him all the best. One of the best dentists in Islamabad.
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Smile Line Dental Clinic: Best Dental Clinic in Islamabad

At Smile Line Dental Clinic, our team of experienced dentists is committed to delivering comprehensive and top-notch dental services for your entire family. From preventive care to a wide range of cosmetic treatments, we prioritize your oral health and aim to help you attain and sustain a vibrant smile. Trust Smile Line Dental Clinic for a comfortable, personalized, and stress-free dental experience that will keep your family smiling for years to come. Visit our dental clinic today and discover the excellence in dental care we provide.

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